Elisabeth / Venus

„Tannhäuser“ von Richard Wagner

Oper Berlin/Runnicles – Königliches Opernhaus Kopenhagen/Layer – Poly Theater Peking/ Auguin – Gulbenkian Orchestra Lissabon/De Billy (nur Venus)

New York Feuilleton Nov 7, 2011: The singing was solid, especially house soprano Manuela Uhl in double-duty as Venus and Elisabeth. This is the first time I’ve seen her sing the role and she sounded much more convincing that the houses’ previous Venus/Elisabeth, Nadja Michaels. I know Uhl mostly from her Strauss interpretations, which have ranged from the superb (Salome) to the impressive (the Empress in FRoSCH and Danae). Last Sunday, her voice sounded better than it has in a long while. She sang excitingly, with sensual accents for Venus and a chaster brand of fervor as Elisabeth.